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Top 5 Torrent websites

The hunt which started in 2016 to shutdowns torrent websites is still on. Today one of the best torrent website extratorrent website goes down for good.

Torrent world also lost websites like Kickass torrents and

 But don't worry there are still some great torrent websites still operational.

  1. The Pirate bay
       The Pirate Bay is the “king of torrents” once again and also the oldest site in this list. The past year has been relatively quiet for the notorious torrent site, which is currently operating from its original .org domain name.
  2. YTS is in no way affiliated with the original YTS or YIFY group, but succesfully took its place late last year. Not all other torrent sites are happy with the ‘brand hijack’ and several are actively banning its releases but still its good option to consider.
  3. torrentproject
       TorrentProject is a familiar name in the torrent scene but appears in the top ten for the first time. The site uses DHT to find content and currently has more than 10 million torrents in its database.
  4. Torrentdownloads
    TorrentDownloads has been around for several years. Like many other sites it is actively blocked by ISPs in several countries. The site offers a no-nonsense index that provides torrents to millions of users each month.
  5. 1337x.
    1337 has been around for a while and will be a good option to consider.

    and in the end be careful when you download the torrents because they may contain some malware or Ransomware if you want to know how we get Ransomware please visit our Article.


  1. They're really going against torrent sites, but hopefully some of these will prevail. However, what I think will ultimately kill torrent sites aren't laws but stuff like Steam for games and streaming TV shows and movies.

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